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Welcome to Anywaay Studio. Design studio led by one man with a passion to create extraordinary projects. Fascinated by the latest technology innovations and modern design standards, which are the fundation of my projects. I meet the demands of customers who are looking for something more than a simple graphic design. 3d design, augmented and virtual reality applications - no job is too big for me.

All in one place

I offer complete solutions of the highest standards in the graphics, 3D, animation, and media technology field. You have an idea for an application, 3D presentation or movie, but do not know how or where to start? Look no further. All you need is my help.

Support beyond the design

From a simple leaflet to comprehensive branding. I will not only create and develope projects best suited for your company needs, but also guide you on how to use them to embrace the world of today's marketing. I believe the true design is not just to decorate, it is to create something fresh and exciting, which will make your company rise to the heights and take its place among the best.

Let's work on great projects together!

Meet the founder

Mirosław Sokół - Designer & Developer
Mirosław Sokół
Designer & Developer
80's kid who meticulously approaches the design and management of space. Usually very precise and stubborn when it comes to implementation of the project but sometimes lets colleagues and his imagination run wild. His passion, besides of chinese noodles and telling people what to do, are programming and development of computer games.
Favorite Tools:
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Animate Adobe After Effects Unity Blender Sass jQuery

Our Portfolio

Take a look at our latest web designs, logo, package, print and 3D designs in addition to our past work.

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